The Victus team is here to save you time, provide support and, with a professional approach and friendly advice, help you sell your property. With our team, the sales process is very simple, just put yourself in the hands of our licensed agents and you've already done more than half of the work. Our agents come to the location to make an expert assessment of the market value of the property and together with you participate in the formation of the price. They adopt a contract on mediation, which defines mediation relations.

Agents take care of bringing verified buyers to view the property at a pre-arranged time. They take care of the way the property is presented, which starts with the first contact and ends with the purchase agreement. Also, our agents carry out negotiations with customers for you, agree on the purchase price, payment dynamics, draw up pre-sale contracts, contracts, tabular documents and all other accompanying documentation. Makes a record of the handover of the real estate, lists the status of the meter and transfers overhead costs to the buyer.

The agency commission is 3% + VAT of the final agreed purchase price. The satisfaction of our sellers is extremely important to us, and we will do our best to make the buying and selling process go without any unnecessary stress for you.

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